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Who am I?

Describe yourself in three words”, they said. “It’ll be easy”, they said. After many hours of deliberation I settled on four, just to be awkward: friendly, professional, quirky, and hard-working.

I’m a self-taught baker. No classes or courses for me. Instead my love for cake decorating stems from a love of art. One of the things I’m most proud of is a portrait I painted of Andre Agassi in school – no joke. Perhaps I should add a fifth word: talkative!

As much as I love that painting, I probably love cakes more. I didn’t plan to become a cake decorator, I sort of stumbled into it back in 2010. 

A cake is more than the sum of its parts to me. The responses I get from my customers prove that.

Flour, butter, sugar, and eggs don’t make people smile, laugh, reminisce, or even cry. But mix those ingredients together and you can evoke some incredible reactions.

That’s why no matter how simple or extravagant, big or small, cheap or expensive, the cake is, I put absolutely everything into it. I only hope that this passion for cakes is clear from the end result.

How to order

Buying a cake with me will be probably a very different experience to buying one from a shop. I bake and decorate your cakes in my kitchen at home. No, not in my pyjamas - you’d be surprised at how many people think that. When you get in touch, I'll do most of the talking by email - it’s easier when my head is in and out of the oven all day. However, if you’d rather chat over the phone or meet in person, that’s fine, but all I ask that you make an appointment (so I can wash the icing sugar out of my hair!)

Where am I based?

I’m based in Llanddulas, a little village in North Wales, just a stone’s throw from the A55. This allows my cakes to be enjoyed all over North Wales, including Bangor, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, and Prestatyn. I can also arrange for wedding cakes to be delivered to Chester and Liverpool.


Absolutely fantastic cake, such attention to detail and very reasonably priced, wouldn't go anywhere else

S Bennett

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Gem's Cakes

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